Water Screw Chillers

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(Water Cooled Chillers) Screw Chillers :

National Aircon Engineers Water Cooled Screw Chillers are manufactured with Highly Reputed screw compressors. These chillers are fully Microprocessor based suitable for process cooling applications from (+) 20°C up to (-) 40°C. For lower temperatures of up to (-) 500C look into Brine Chillers. These screw chillers are offered with up to 2 Nos. screw compressors in one machine but having separate and individual refrigeration circuits. These chillers are world class, manufactured in a ISO 9001, certified factory with an option of using CFC free refrigerants R-407C & R-134a complete with in-built Process pump and stainless steel chilled water expansion tank. These chillers are also rated for an ambient of up to (+) 50°C and cooling tower water temperature up to (+) 37°C at the inlet of the condenser.

The various operating voltages of these chillers are :

: 380 / 400 Volt AC / 50 HZ

: 460 Volt AC / 50 HZ

: 380 Volt AC / 60 HZ

: 460 Volt AC / 60 HZ

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