National Desiccant Air Dryers

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Desiccant dryers are of various types based in its application on mass transfer principle. Wet air having an inlet temperature of 40° C enters the pre filter to remove any oil and other contaminants which protects desiccant’s long life. Pre-filtered air enters in to adsorption power through valves controlled by an electronic timer. Moisture is adsorbed as the pre filtered air flows through the tower and the air then passes through an after filter which removes any desiccant-dust carry over. While the other absorber tower undergoes regeneration with a portion of dry air exists from adsorption tower. Air is purged out and required dew-point of (-) 40° C is achieved.

Salient Features  :

  • Eliminates need of costly and problematic heaters for reactivation.
  • No cooling water requirement.
  • Low temperature operation reduces corrosion of towers and desiccant lasts longer.
  • Automatic depressurizing equalizes desiccant vessels pressure before changeover, thus avoiding any- desiccant movement at the time of changeover of vessel.
  • High performance, low initial installation and operation costs. Nearly zero maintenance and of course no heaters to burn out.
  • Soft seated pneumatic valves are used for automatic changeover. These given no internal or external leakage.
  • Only single-phase electric power is required for operating solenoid valves. Power consumption only 60 Watts.

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