Brine Chillers / Liquifiers :

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The glycol chillers, brine chillers, air cooled brine chillers, water cooled brine chillers and liquefiers offered by National Aircon Engineers are tailor made, specially manufactured suiting the customer requirement. National Aircon Engineers offers these low temperature Glycol / Brine up to an operating temperature of (-) 50°C for which compressors can be single stage open type / double stage open type / double stage semi hermetic / single stage screw depending on the size and the temperature requirement of the customer.

For very low temperature application even Cascade systems are used for quick cooling. The material of construction is selected carefully depending on the application temperature and special alloys steel is used for ultra lower temperature application. These chillers can be air-cooled or water-cooled depending on the customer requirement.

These chillers are rated for an ambient of (+) 480C and various operating voltages which are :

# 380 / 400 Volt AC / 50 HZ

# 460 Volt AC / 50 HZ

# 380 Volt AC / 60 HZ

# 460 Volt AC / 60 HZ

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