Planned Maintenance

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Neglect chiller & dryer maintenance and pay the cost

Investing in maintenance, will significantly reduce the risk of consequential business losses due to untimely chiller breakdowns. Chillers are high energy users and in times of rising energy prices and taxes, their operating costs will be rising in proportion. Regular maintenance and the associated checks and adjustments will flag up any mechanical wear and tear and refrigerant losses, which greatly reduce efficiency levels and drive up operating costs As well as maintaining efficiency levels, regular refrigerant leak testing will be seen as conforming with current refrigerant legislation.

Other benefits of investing in maintenance include:

  • An Endeavour to have a service engineer on site within 3 hours of a call for assistance.
  • Instant telephone technical support
  • Priority over non maintenance customers
  • Discounted labor rates and spare parts for work done outside the agreement
  • Discounted hire rates, chillers or air conditioning equipment
  • Discounts off new chillers

Investing in a maintenance contract with us pays dividends!

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