Industrial chiller/dryer support

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Dryer &Chillers perform critical process functions.Many industrial processes rely upon dryer, chillers and cooling systems to maintain production output and product quality.The push to maximize output means that chillers and cooling systems are generally operating at their limits, summer ambient temperatures or increased seasonal loads can stretch them still further.

To operate under these strenuous conditions chillers need to be kept in tip top condition since any failure can spell disaster.

  • We deliver the levels of service and maintenance which keep chillers and industrial cooling systems running year in year out and reduce their running costs.
  • We have the expertise and access to spare parts to service repair and maintain all major industrial chiller brands.
  • With a Chiller Shield service agreement in place, our aim is to be on site within 3 hours of a call for assistance and on 90% of occasions, can leave the system up and running.
  • In the event of a total system shutdown, we can supply and install a temporary chiller or cooling system whilst the installed oneundergoes repairs.
  • When a chiller is deemed to be beyond economic repair, we can supply and install a compatible replacement.


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